About the mentor myth

Cut through the white noise surrounding “mentorship,” the professional world’s latest buzzword.

Professionals entering and re-entering the job market are constantly told that they need mentors to advance their career, yet most people who identify as mentors aren’t qualified to teach or guide others. As a matter of fact, untrained mentors can actually impede career progress.

The Mentor Myth teaches entrepreneurs, executives, and aspiring professionals exactly how to advance their careers independently. Even the best mentors have human flaws like everybody else, which means that you cannot afford to take their advice as infallible truth. As Debby notes in the book, a mentor nearly stunted her career by offering harmful advice!

Know the difference between a mentor that helps you to grow, and older professionals who undermine your career development. Learn to weigh your own opinions and intuitions against the advice of mentors who—statistically—may not even understand the current job markets as well as you do.

Debby Carreau brings an MBA, a successful business track record, and an entire career’s worth of experience in human resources to The Mentor Myth. Her role as the Founder and CEO of Inspired HR has taught her how professional advancement really works.

·    Pursue your ideal career with Debby Carreau’s career planning tool

·    Learn how to make all 168 hours of the week serve your schedule

·    Persuade more experienced mentors to advocate for your advancement

Advance your career for the lifestyle that you want. Debunk the “mentor myth.”


Praise for the Mentor Myth

The Mentor Myth tackles the elephant in the room: professionals and entrepreneurs need to invest their own time and resources based on calculated career decisions. Debby’s division of time management into 8 categories shows how much time entrepreneurs really do have every day—and that’s the key to productive leadership.”  - Jim Estill
"This book is an important resource for anyone trying to figure out how to have a fulfilling personal and professional life. Debby Carreau's unique perspective as a human resource consultant helps the reader think more clearly about how to create a career plan, manage their time, and get results. Debby outlines solutions to potential career pitfulls and challenges and action items that any individual can do to start doing today."  - Kim Keating, Lean In Board Member
A powerful tool for anyone wanting to take control of their own destiny and craft their journey to success. Mentors can provide invaluable experience sharing however you ultimately make your own decisions and having a complete personal toolbox to navigate a rewarding career path lie within these chapters. Debby will put you back in the drivers seat by taking responsibility for your own actions and emphasizing the fact that mentorship is not what makes the greatest impact- you do.- Jennifer Carlson, Founder of Baby Gourmet   - Jennifer Carlson, Founder of Baby Gourmet